February 24, 1969
Rutgers Diversity
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Conklin Hall



Conklin Hall Takeover

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40th Anniversary of the Liberation of Conklin Hall

"In 2009, the Rutgers-Newark community commemorates the Conklin Hall takeover--a pivotal event in the history and development of the campus. In 1969—a year that many historians believe to be not only the culmination of a decade of social unrest and societal change, but also the pivotal year in a period of transformation—a group of determined students took action to bring about change in their university, with the support of some fellow students, faculty, and administrators.

The distinction that Rutgers-Newark enjoys as both a highly-regarded research institution and the nation’s most diverse doctoral degree-granting university—so ranked for the last twelve years—reflects the important relationship between diversity and quality in higher education. Chancellor Steve Diner has identified the importance of the Conklin Hall takeover “as a turning point in the history of the campus,” in the diversity and quality of the university.

The campus’ recognition of the legacy of this milestone event and the vision of the students, as well as the others who supported their intentions and actions, will include a series of programs and exhibits, including the digital documents, images, and video interviews.

The John Cotton Dana Library’s mission centers on the provision of access to information in direct support of the University’s larger academic mission of research, instruction, service, and community engagement. The presentation of these archival documents in digital form and the collection of interviews, reflecting the perspectives of former students who participated in the takeover, and current and former administrators, provides a substantive statement of the event’s meaning, importance, and legacy.  We are pleased to make these resources available to you."

Mark Winston
Assistant Chancellor and Director, John Cotton Dana Library

Dr. Mark Winston

Dr. Mark Winston

photo by Ed Berger